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Digital Antenna Tuner

Aqua Reef Meter The controller of the marine aquarium.
Firmware V4.75!

Aqua Reef Meter
The controller of the marine aquarium version2.0

Multiband TRX Antek - final assembly...

Digital RF Power Meter with load 100W


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Digital Antenna Tuner GL100

About how much needed equipment at a radio antenna tuner, does not take long to convince any amateur radio. The most commonly used simple tuning devices, consisting of several elements.

Other tuners have advanced, however, structurally rather complex structure, relatively difficult to copy. Plus the price of the device.
So I decided to construct something in between - Automatic Antenna Tuner HF LFI with a relatively quite good performance at very low exercise price and ease of construction!

Full description of the construction:
Świat Radio No 11/2010

Aqua Reef Extender V4 - Firmware soon...

Konstrukcja modułu rozszerzającego Aqua Reef Extender V4 z bogatymi możliwościami pomiarowymi.

Jest to nowa konstrukcja modułu ARX rozszerzająca funkcje kontrolera ARM V4 o dodatkowe funkcje, takie jak:
- 4 wyjścia PWM 5V lub 0-10V
- 4 wyjścia 230V zasilane triakami
- 1 wyjście do pomiaru innych wielkości chemicznych
- 2 niezależne, izolowane wejścia pH
- komunikaty głosowe w 6 językach (POL, ENG, ESP, JAP, GER, FRA)
- alarmy
- wbudowana karta sieciowa LAN
- wbudowany serwer WWW
- opcjonalnie wbudowany moduł SMS

Pełny opis konstrukcji V4: Czytaj dalej...

Aqua Reef Meter V4 - Firmware V4.75!

The new design of the controller Aqua Reef Meter V4 with power measurement. The current version includes a new Firmware V4.75!

Design presented here has the characteristics of the previous version, but is rich in extra features such as:
- Bluetooth
- USB interface
- Measurement of salinity with galvanic probe
- Bidirectional operation with a PC

Full description of the construction V4:

Aqua Reef Meter V2.0

I present a different theme than the radio, but also interesting, its own aquarium controller design with power measurement. Since I am interested in the Aquarium, intrigued by the suggestions of reef marine friends, I decided to construct a simple yet sophisticated measuring device with the use in aquariums, including saltwater aquariums.

This system has the following capabilities:
- Measurement of water temperature in oC
- Measurement of salinity , expressed at once in the density
- Measurement of pH Water
- Measurement of the degree of oxidation REDOX
- 4 outputs light control / valve / cooling, etc.
- Communication with PC via RS232 (optional USB).

Full description of the construction V2.0:

Description of the previous design V1.0:

Multiband TRX Antek SQ9GL

I would like to present my version of Antek transceiver design (AVT2310 kit). My intention was to build a multiband TRX synthesized with dual DDS VFO.

It is a small, portable QRP TRX capacity of about 4W, ultimately 10W, SSB working in five bands: 80m, 40m, 20m, 10m and 6m SSB (LSB, USB, CW) and having to enter the digital emissions (eg BPSK31). Presented here at the moment transceiver operates in all five bands, but it has limitations of transmit power on the higher bands.

Full description of the construction:

Digital RF Power Meter with load up to 100W

Presented here is my version of the meter gauge according to the project by OZ2CPU. By building this device was based version is also described in Świat Radio No 1/2007 performed by SP2MBE.

Personally, for its part, decided to make a simple load resistor built into a compact 100W unit, making a complete device to start using and testing low-power HF transmitters (up to 100W).

Full description of the construction:
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