Welcome to my page. I am a founding member Babiogórski Amateur Radio group

License under its trademark have since 1999, come on the listener I was granted license in 1997. Throughout this period, to this day I am a member of the PAC, my office is a bureau QSL 10 in Krakow. Am more interested in radio technique itself. I am not in terms of car performance DX, but happy to deal with more or less successful designs of different devices. The plans have a few new things, including facilities for higher VHF band.


My hardware:
KF: Previous - Base station TRX ICOM IC-718 (0-30MHz)
KF: Now - Base station TRX Yeasu FT-450 (0-30MHz + 50MHz)
Antenna Tuner MFJ-902 and full automatic antenna tuner GL100 (my construction).
VHF: manual Yaesu FT-60 (145/430MHz)
I use to work HF power Diamond GSV3000 , which meets and even exceeds my expectations. In addition to having a second power supply as 3-30V / 5A own construction design by AVT in 1995, which is a power supply I use for other purposes, often commissioning and testing.

Somewhere behind the backs are still: good old 315, Vertex radios (50MHz) and KF Intercom receiver (3.5 MHz) SP9MRY construction. Currently I sit on the construction of TRX TRX based on Antek (kit AVT) working in two or more bands using DDS2 synthesis by SP3SWJ. Ultimately, I intend to run in the three bands: 80m, 40m and 6m (SSB). For a long time I worked on the synthesis of Lodz FM3001. I applied myself in total a radio in the new chassis and 15W amplifier of our own design. This device worked well during working hours, occasional station (SQ0GL), as seen in some pictures in the galleries at SBGK.


I live in the apartment building on the 2nd floor. Currently I have two antennas - HF and VHF. HF antenna for 0-30 MHz bandwidth is Diamond W8010 19.5m in length, aligned sections at 80m, 40m, 15m and 10m.
The second antenna is a vertical antenna Diamond X-50N, A length of 1.7 meters - about 10-16 dB gain, a very good exercise. A typical dual-band antenna. I'm going to change it to the antenna Diamond V-2000 tri-band, which reaches 6m band.


For a few years, I was listening (SP9-8078-KR).
SQ9GL received his mark in 1999. Before that I had the opportunity much earlier work as a radio monitor from the time of my learning in technical electronic Skawina (near Cracow). There he participated in the classes SP9KGC Communications Club. A few years later I met a colleague Stanislav Zadora SP9MRY that drew me in more detail in amateur radio topics. Z electrical issues on the practical side, I met while working in the first half of the nineties in the factory electronics, repairing radios, TVs etc. The then owner of the establishment have a thorough understanding of the subject, of which I was able to use it.
For a time I was a member of the Club Scout SP9ZGN Communications. During this period, even as a radio monitor I had the opportunity to work as a club station.
In 2002, ending studies (computer science - AGH in Kraków) more involved in their work in a large electronics company, where he is now engaged in computer network administration.
In real life I deal with programming, mainly databases (Oracle PL / SQL, Oracle Forms).
Contact: mufti@nq.pl